Friday, March 31, 2006

Random Friday Thoughts'n'Stuff

The picture above was taken along Dallas Road at Mile Zero by an amazing local photgrapher by the name of Christina Craft. Here's a link to see more of her work if you like:

Before we do anything else, we have to congratulate Astrid Underwood who won $1,000 yesterday morning when she answered the phone with "I Listen to JACK!!". Nice work Astrid, hope you enjoy spending your money. We're making more $1,000 phone calls all the time, so keep answering the phone with those four special words and leave it on the answering machine as well, cause that counts too.

Busy weekend ahead, here's a rundown of some of the stuff that's happening...

The 15th annual Michael Dunahee 5k Family Run/Walk takes place this Sunday starting out from the curling rink at Archie Browning Sports Centre. Registration is at 9am and the run starts at 10. There's a dance at the curling rink tonight as well and all proceeds go to Child Find Canada.

Go get a haircut at Arq Salon downtown on Douglas on Sunday. $25 for a cut, $15 for a manicure and all proceeds go to the Greater Victoria Hospital Foundation's pediatric ward's special care nursery. You're helping sick babies - your good karma will be overflowing.

The 2006 Victoria Home Show is on out at Bear Mountain Arena this weekend for you home reno/fix-it/do it yourself types. In other words - not us.

April Fools Day is tomorrow - don't get burned. But while we're on the subject, anybody got any thoughts as to how to get somebody - maybe one you've pulled or had pulled on you in the past?

The Canucks play the Minnesota Wild tonight at 7, the game is on channel 23 starting at 7.

New Movies opening up today include Basic Instinct 2, Ice Age 2 and Slither.

Rob Thomas concert was last night - was anybody there. If so, how was the show? We're counting the sleeps til Motley Crue, can't wait for that one.

Alright, your thoughts or feedback on any of the above are welcome or toss anything you like into the mix today. Be safe, have a great weekend and we'll see you back here Monday morning.


A.J. & Crash

For fans of the classic movie Die Hard starring Bruce Willis - it's Die Hard if it was done 1920's movie style. Good for a chuckle or two.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


It’s all about the babies with 2 stories today, comment on either one or both as you see fit…

First up:

Tom Cruise has reportedly given pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes an MP3 player loaded with mellow music to help her stay silent during childbirth. The actress has allegedly agreed to deliver her baby in total quiet in accordance with a bizarre Scientology tradition. To help her, Tom has hand picked over 300 tracks to help Katie keep quiet. It's also been revealed that, supposedly, Katie will give birth surrounded by huge white signs reminding her to stay silent. One of the six foot signs reads: "Be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable."

Next up:

A frustrated husband is trying to prove his point to his wife by going on strike. James Wilson of Redford, Michigan, has been spending his days on the roof of his home because he says he wants his wife, Valentina, to keep their 3-month-old daughter and 2-year-old son out of the bedroom at night. Wilson said the children in the bedroom are causing an intimacy issue, but the Mrs. said the kids will remain in the room. Both Wilsons said they have a very happy marriage, but this is a problem. James says, "I want my bedroom back and the diapers and toys removed immediately." His blog is at

Hit that comment button and let’s hear what you have to say.

A.J. & Crash

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Peace and Harmony

You know, this blog is a multi-faceted beast sometimes. Since the day it was born, I've read stuff here that I thought people would take offense at and nary a word was spoken. And at other times, (like today in a seperate entry a little further down) I see people are taking issue with what others have posted and the way in which it was written. As you probably know, it's not hard for the written word to be misinterpreted – you may have experienced it yourself before with e-mail and I know it's happened here on the blog in the past.

Ultimately, this is what I think it comes down to: respect. Respect for one another and the inherent right to agree to disagree.

If you're insulted or offended by what someone else has written, please extend them the benefit of the doubt that insulting you was likely not their intention. And at the same time, maybe have a re-read before you hit that post button and see if there's something you may have written that could be misconstrued and see if there is perhaps a better way in which you could phrase it.

Just a few thoughts to try and bring a bit of peace and harmony to Ye Olde Blogg cause as we have said before: the One Rule here on the blog is "There's room in the sandbox for everybody to play."

Thanks for your time gang, comments and feedback are always welcome. Providing of course that your opinion is in line with mine or else you’re stupid. I kid, I kid.


F.F.A.W. #228

It’s another Free For All Wednesday. If you’re new to these parts, that means you’re allowed to go off on any topic of your choosing – rant about something you’re ticked off about, praise someone or something you’re happy with, talk about politics, religion, your deep-set phobia of clowns, whatever the heck you want.

And in the meantime, for those who have some time to kill today, check out the following video – it’s a 30 minute pilot for a t.v. show done back in 1999 that was never actually picked up. We don’t know why, cause the premise sounds brilliant: it’s about a genius astronaut played by Jack Black who solves crimes with the help of his talking motorcycle called Heat Vision. The talking motorcycle is voiced by Owen Wilson and the whole thing was directed by Ben Stiller. Click and enjoy.

The Boys

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hockey Pool Update

This Stephan L. kid is running away with the pool - just a few weeks left to go in the season, can anybody catch him?

1. Stephan L. 1503 points
2. Gavin N. 1462
3. Derek R. 1460
4. A.J. (JACK-FM) 1451
5. Paul E. 1442
6. Chad R. 1422
7. Theresa F. 1372
8. Lacey M. 1359
9. Dan M. 1329
10. Vinny B. 1319
11. Wade P. 1316
12. Connie P. 1296
13. Lynda S. 1281
14. Dan W. 1271
15. Dennis S. 1247
16. Crash (JACK-FM) 1246
17. Dwayne S. 1229
18. Kyle H. 1189
19. Sheila W. 1168
20. Lyle S. 1134

Tax This

Mac hit us up with an e-mail the other day suggesting a blog topic:


It is tax season again (fyi: they’re due in just over a month – plenty of time to procrastinate and put ‘em off). Do you feel we’re paying too much in the way of taxes in this country? Are we getting value for our tax dollars and are there areas where you would prefer to see your tax money spent? And how are you getting your taxes done this year – do you get a professional to do them or do you handle it yourself?


A.J. & Crash

p.s. – thanks Mac for the blog topic suggestion. Got one yourself? Send it to

Monday, March 27, 2006

Time Travel

We been busy these last few days – Crash was hanging out on location at the Rogers Video on Mckenzie yesterday, while AJ was on location at Pacific Cellular at Tillicum Centre on Saturday. Thanks to everybody who stopped by to say hi, it’s always nice touching base with people in person. And how was your weekend?

Kind of a slow news day, but this story caught our eye this morning: A respected scientist down in the States says he believes that time travel will one day be possible. This begs the question: just because you can, does it mean you should? If it actually one day became possible to go back in time, what do you see as the good and the bad of the possibility? And let’s say you could go back in time for one hour, where would you set the dial to and what would you want to see? And while we’re on the subject of time travel, enjoy the tribute video to one of the greatest movies of the 80’s down below.


The Boys

Friday, March 24, 2006

Missing Girl Turns Up 10 Years Later

Check this out….

A woman who disappeared in Pennsylvania a decade ago when she was 14 has been found living with a school security guard, police said today.

Tanya Kach, now 24, disappeared Feb. 10, 1996.

Joe Sparico, owner of J.J.'s Deli Mart, said the woman he's known for the past six months as Nikki Evans broke down in tears Tuesday and told him she is the missing Tanya Kach, and that a school security guard had kept her locked in a bedroom of his Soles Street house that he shares with his elderly parents.

"To be honest with you, I really didn't believe her at first," Sparico said. "I mean, who could believe that. It's been 10 years. It was just too much for me to believe."

But Sparico called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which confirmed Kach's disappearance.

"She said she had something to tell me. She begged me to believe her and help her and not abandon her," Sparico said.

Kach said that the guard never physically abused her, but threatened to kill her many times and brainwashed her into believing her family didn't love her, Sparico said.

"He told her everyone believed she was dead anyway," he said.

County Police also are investigating Kach's disappearance and recent reemergence.

The woman is now living with family in the Pittsburgh area, said Pero, who would not elaborate.

Here’s a link to a more detailed version of the story if you want:

How wild is that?

A.J. & Crash

Blog Party

That's some of the blog crew at last nights get together at the 6 Mile Pub in Colwood. (pictured l-r) Autumn2779 aka Jen, Mac, Andy, Hugh Dixon (JACK Afternoon Dude Extrordinairre), Angie, Sauza Steve and Autumn’s sister Sarah.

Andy writes:

Hey Guys, here's a pic from last nights Blog Party at the Six Mile. A good time was had by all up until the point where Hugh your afternoon show guy got obscenely drunk and started wandering around the bar with no pants on. He kept mumbling about being from the future and was creeping us all out when he claimed he could only numb "the voices" if we let him wear his underwear on his head. At that point, Angie hit him with a 175 gigawatt taser and we left him out back behind the building.

Okay, we're totally kidding, Andy didn't really write that - we made the whole thing up. Sorry we couldn't make it out guys, but glad to hear y'all had a good time.

The Boys

Thursday, March 23, 2006


It’s a good day today….

Despite the ferry sinking early yesterday, nobody died. Word also out this morning that the two Canadians who were being held hostage in Iraq for the past 4 months have been freed and are in reasonably good health. The Canucks are still in the playoffs and the Sweet Sixteen gets underway today for NCAA basketball fans as well. Life is good.

So, with all that in mind, we’re thinking a little positivity is in order this morning. Today’s word of the day is “recommendations”. We’re looking for your recommendations for any and all good things here on Ye Olde Blogg today: maybe it’s a local restaurant, coffee shop or business that you particularly like. Or it might be some place you’ve gone around town lately in your travels like a hike or particularly beautiful spot that you really enjoyed. And we can expand it even further – books you’ve read, movies you’ve seen, t.v. shows you’ve watched, whatever. If there’s something you like and you think others might as well, hit that comment button and let us know.

Oh yeah, and while we got your attention, quick reminder that today is a good day to go out for lunch or dinner. A whole bunch of restaurants around town are taking part in “Dining Out For Life” – donating 25% of your food bill today to AIDS Vancouver Island to support local people living with HIV/AIDS. Wanna find out who’s in and where to go? Click this for the full rundown:

Rock On,

A.J. & Crash

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hockey Pool Update.....finally!!

Sincere apologies to those who are participating in our first annual hockey pool here on the blog. Because of "technical difficulties", we haven't been able to update the standings for a while. But we're all good now and surprise surprise...look who is STILL at the top of the pile.... the one and only Stephan L.. But there have been some interesting moves up and down the pool since the last update, and there's still enough games left in the season that could see a fast switch. Have a look and see where you sit with just a few weeks left to go before playoffs. Speaking of which, are the Canucks in or out? Hit the comment button and let's hear a little Canucks chat/trash talk.

Standings as of Wed Mar 22/06 2:30pm

1. Stephan L. 1435 points
2. Gavin N. 1397
3. A.J. (JACK-FM) 1393
4. Derek R. 1390
5. Paul E. 1381
6. Chad R. 1359
7. Theresa F. 1311
8. Lacey M. 1295
9. Dan M. 1266
10. Vinny B. 1257
11. Wade P. 1247
12. Connie P. 1229
13. Lynda S. 1221
14. Dan W. 1208
15. Dennis S. 1195
16. Crash (JACK-FM) 1192
17. Dwayne S. 1175
18. Kyle H. 1135
19. Sheila W. 1105
20. Brian G. 1072 (tie)
20. Don M. 1072 (tie)
21. Lyle S. 1071

Oh yeah, and we came across this today on the ol' internerd. If you're a true Canucks fan who believes in the team (unlike Crash), watch and enjoy and keep the faith!!

The Boys

F.F.A.W. = Free For All Wednesday

Rolling in this morning on a Free For All Wednesday with a couple of observations….

1) Saw a cop, a tow truck and what appeared to be a person who had been picked up for drunk driving on my drive in this morning. Curse ‘em all you want when they hand you a ticket for speeding, but those men and women are out there every single day (and night) trying to keep this town safe. Thumbs up to them.

2) Todays word of the day boys and girls is “collusion”. Collusion: “a secret agreement or cooperation esp. for an illegal or deceitful purpose.” Incidentally, gas is up to 106.9 in Victoria. Connect the dots.

3) I’m going to start carrying the “Baseball Bat of Truth and Justice” with me wherever I go. That way, when I spot some piece of human crap dealing drugs on a street corner of this city’s downtown, I’d just hop out of my car and put the bat to use. I wouldn’t actually hit anybody with it, but I’d certainly scare the crap outta them and suggest strongly that they consider a new, more respectable career.

4) Romeo’s Pizza does cheap ‘za and pasta on Tuesday nights, I highly recommend it. If only I could spend every night eating the BBQ Bonanza pizza, drinking red wine and having the greatest conversations of my life with my favoritest girl in the world, my life would be perfect.

It’s Free For All Wednesday – your chance to rant and rave about whatever you want. Go crazy.

A.J. (along with my buddy Crash)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Engagement Ring Debacle

This might make for an interesting discussion today…

We’re just reading here about a couple who are in a big legal tussle over an engagement ring that’s worth $35,000. (seriously, who in the hell spends that kinda money on a rock?) Anyhow, he gave her the ring when he proposed and then asked for it back two months later. She said nope, sold the diamond and replaced it with a piece of cubic zirconia. She claims she gave the profits from the sale of the diamond to charity. Now they’re in court trying to sort the whole mess out.


What do you do with the ring if the engagement is over? Does it depend on who ended it? Is it possible he may be the worlds first living brain donor for giving out a ring worth that much in the first place? Any horror stories you’ve heard about (or lived thru) regarding engagement rings?

Discuss, debate and if there’s anything else you wanna talk on, toss ‘er out there.


A.J. & Crash

Monday, March 20, 2006

Iraq...3 years later


That's a picture of 4,000 anti war protesters gathered in Hungary over the weekend to mark the 3rd anniversary of the the U.S. invasion of Iraq. 3 years later and where are we? Is the world a safer place with Saddam Hussein removed from power? Was the invasion justified? Or is Iraq going to be this generations Vietnam? And here's another point to ponder as you struggle thru your Monday - we had a gathering of about 200 people in our city show up to voice their opposition to the war. Does it make any kind of difference whatsoever or do you think these are just hippies with nothing better to do? Hey, it's the blog - you can say whatever you like.

And on a completely unrelated note, Crash is back in the saddle this morning after nursing his wife, one of his daughters AND himself back to health after a bout with what he believes was the ebola virus. And A.J. is back from a relaxing non-ebola infested weekend up in lovely Campbell River.

Spring arrives today. About damn time.

The Boys

Friday, March 17, 2006

Nanaimo Car Accident - 3 Kids Dead

Alright, I'm actually on the air right now and it's insanely busy cause Crash and Pat are off and the JACK line is ringing off the hook. But I wanted to put up a quick post about those 3 teenagers up in Nanaimo who died the other night in that horrible car accident. 2 other kids are in critical condition in the hospital. Speed, alcohol and drugs are all being considered as possible factors in the accident. The point is this - we gotta do something to get the message out there to these kids that they are not invincible. The question is, how in the hell do we do it?

Comments and suggestions are very welcome, whether you're a parent or not. Also, Saanich police are hosting some forums for parents and young drivers over the next few weeks to try and drive the message home about the importance of being safe behind the wheel. Here's a link to find out more details and where and when those are taking place:

Let's get talking, cause what you write today may very well save someone's life tomorrow.


St. Paddy's Day and Live To Be 1,000

's like a ghost town around the JACK World Headquarters this morning - Crash is staying home today to look after his girls and his wife cause she was up sick all night long (yes ladies, he really is The Greatest Husband Ever) (either that or the dude lied when he rang me up at 3am and just really wanted the day off). Newsdude Pat is off too - he mumbled something about being entitled to take the day off cause it "honors people named Pat". And the Big Boss Man ain't coming in either - something about a "top level important meeting out at Olympic View Golf Course" all day today. Wait a second...the 3 of them are probably all out golfing and partying without me!! Jerks....

Anyhow, couple things rocking along this morning - it's St. Patricks Day. Anybody doing anything for it, going anywhere? If you know of something going on that you think other people might be interested in, go ahead and give it a free plug. And not that it needs mentioning, but I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyways - don't drink and drive today, alright? Call up our buddies over at Empress Taxi if you need a ride home: 381-2222. Cool? Cool.

Also, was reading this story on the internerd this morning and thought it might make for an interesting blog topic: A group of scientists meeting this week in London for a conference on life extension and enhancement say they believe people will soon be living to the ripe old age of 1,000. That ain't no typo - 1,000 years of age. They figure occasional repairs to the body using stem cells, gene therapy and other techniques could eventually stop the aging process entirely.

Nevermind the ethical questions behind this - would you even want to live that long? What do you see as the good and/or the bad in this? Discuss and feel free to ring me up on the JACK line and say hi this morning (385-JACK) - it's gonna be a long, lonely morning without my hombres. Perhaps I'll go console myself with the 6 pack of Guiness that somebody left in the staff fridge.



Thursday, March 16, 2006


We're talking sports this morning....

NCAA basketball begins this morning at 9am - March Madness baby!! Even if you're not much of a hoops fan, this is basketball at it's absolute finest for the next 3 weeks. Anybody watching or is it just us cause we're involved in a pool with 140 other people and there's serious money on the line? Not that we condone or endorse gambling in any way.

Next up.... the Vancouver Canucks? What is going on? Seriously - with 15 games left in the regular season, they are barely clinging to one of the final playoff spots. Are they even gonna make it? And if so, how far do they legitimately have a chance to go?

And finally, the Victoria Salmon Kings (who pulled off a 4-3 OT win over San Diego last night) are mathematically out of the ECHL playoffs, but they still have a few games left to play at home. Have you caught any games yet this season? Any plans to before it's over? Or have you caught Salsa fever? Man, taking out the Nanaimo Clippers in the first round of the BCHL playoffs - now THAT is impressive.

Any other sports talk (Andy will probably wanna rave on about "footie"), feel free to hit that comment button. Or if you hate sports altogether, hey blog that one too if you like.


A.J. & Crash

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

F.F.A.W. and Hockey Pool Update

Hahaha - LOVE this picture!!

Alright, it's another Free For All Wednesday - your chance to pipe off on any subject you like - serious or not, doesn't matter. Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, your bizarre fetish for John Deere tractors, it's all good - just keep it clean.

And for our hockey poolies, sorry about the lack of an update this last little bit, but our intern who is our resident statistician is out of town on a personal matter and he has all the info on his laptop. Hopefully we'll have an update later on today or first thing tomorrow.


A.J. & Crash

Blog Party - update!!


Here's the latest from Andy and Angie.....

As most of you will know we have been working on a get together for the blog. We asked those who were interested to e-mail us so we could collect preferences for where and when the get together would be. The votes have now been counted and everything is set. Now, details are not going to be posted on the blog because we are trying to keep track of how many people are confirmed as coming, so if you do want to come but have not yet got in touch with us, you can still email us at

If you missed the original announcement about the get together, look on the right hand side of your browser window and you should see the Archives listed by month and year. Click on February 2006 and scroll down and you’ll find the original blog. (look for the same picture)

At present there are about 10 people confirmed as attending. All the Jack DJs are being invited although there is no guarantee that any of them can or will come; this is primarily a get together for the bloggers.

This event is not sponsored or endorsed by Jack FM in any way.

Andy and Angie

Awesome, thanks for the update you two.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Guest Blogger Meg - Road Blocks

You may recall last week we put out the notice that if you would like to write a guest blog entry, we’d be happy to post it for you (send 'em to Thanks to Meg for submitting the following, let’s hear what you have to say about it….

The Boys

Road Blocks Where??

So how stupid are WE?? And by we, I mean, humans as a whole.

I'm sitting in the car the other night and the radio's playin (thankfully not my beloved JACK FM) ....some crap song, and then this chick comes and is all like "So, I just got a call from a guy and we wanna warn you that there's a road block at ....." .

Ok, so maybe it's just me, but how incredibly freaking stupid are we to ALLOW this? Yeah ok, it's annoying as all heck to go through a roadblock..

"Have you had anything to drink tonight ma'am?"

"Not a drop officer"

"Drive through"

I mean, if they're just going to believe you like that, then what the hell is the point? But I digress.... So this moron calls in to the radio to report the roadblock (and warn all his moron friends not to go that way) and the bigger moron of a DJ actually AIRS it!!

Some of you are probably sitting there thinking "yeah? so what?". Well, I'll tell you what. I didn't have too much of a problem when people were calling in to report the radar traps and so on. I happen to be a person with a bit of a lead foot myself and goodness knows I don't need a ticket. But the road blocks? Those are touted in the media as being a "counterattack" against drunk driving. And so they should be. While I may have a lead foot, and go 10 or 15...or sometimes 20 over the speed limit, I'd have to be pretty freakin stupid to drive drunk. And that's the point of their little "counterattack" cut down in the drunk driving, so we don't have quite so many of you morons out there killing yourselves.

My point is, why WHY would you call in and report something like that...and more to the point why would you (again not on JACK), as a radio host, AIR it?? You might as well get on the radio and say "Just a shout out to all my drunk buddies driving might wanna go crash your car over THERE, cos there's cops over here that're gonna nail your ass to a tree if they smell those 10 tequila shots on your breath."

If you're that worried about road blocks....take a freakin TAXI!!!!

It must drive MADD nuts to hear those things on the radio! All the money they pour into those gross commercials and the effort they put into talking to the idiot teenagers at schools to get them not to do it and then some idiot radio host goes and does something like that.

Geez! Gimme a break the radars, not the road blocks...or neither. Grow up! Don't drink and drive. However....if you insist on doing it, I know a couple good places where we can get a deal on some gravestones.

Beer anyone?



Monday, March 13, 2006

Luna and Spring Break

Hey All;

Hope you had a great weekend, thought we'd toss out a couple topics this morning to get your thoughts on.

First up - Luna the whale is dead. After seperating from his pod back in 2001, the 6 year old orca whale has been making his home up in Nootka Sound. This past Friday however, Luna got too close to a tugboat propeller and was fatally injured. Thoughts? Should he have been left in Nootka Sound where an accident like this almost seemed like an inevitability? Or does nature just sometimes have to run it's own course?

Next up, a couple of people have e-mailed us asking if we know about any activities or things going on around town for kids who are on Spring Break this week. (quick sidenote - wouldn't it kick ass if we all got Spring Break in the grown-up world too?) If you know of anything going on, feel free to hit the comment button so we can help get the word out and try and help out a few Moms and Dads.


A.J. & Crash

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome Olivia Ruth

Update from our posts further down about Stacey who e-mailed looking for suggestions to help speed up the arrival of her overdue baby. This showed up in our In-box this evening....

Dear Uncle A.J. and Uncle Crash;

Just a quick note to tell you about the arrival of our beautiful, sweet, wickedly intelligent and witty (yet demure) daughter, Olivia Ruth. I went into labour on Friday morning; however, Olivia took her time and after 32 hours of labour, she was finally born at 2:43pm on Saturday, March 11th. She is 8 lbs, 20 inches and in our entirely objective opinion, she is an angel.

Thanks to you guys and all your bloggers for their wonderful suggestions.

All The Best

Stacey, Rich and Olivia

Very cool.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Meet Jak (and a few others)

These pics are from Todd and Sandra who sent along a few of their brood.

Are we the only ones questioning the safety of having a propane bbq inside your house? Just wondering.... ;)

Thanks for sending along the pics guys.

This showed up in our e-mail this morning....

Hey Guys,

We just got our new puppy on Tuesday, a cute 7 week old Golden Retriever pup and of course named him Jak for our favorite radio station !!! Here is a pic of him !! Have a great morning.

Mimi, Ian and Jak

Very cool guys, congrats and thanks for naming him after the radio station. So since Mimi and Ian got to brag about their pet, we figured it would only be fair to let everybody else have a go too. Many people consider their animals to be like members of the family and some would probably even admit to liking their pet better than some members of their family. Current pets or ones you've had in the past - let's hear about 'em. Cute stories, funny stories or sappy ones if you like.

Have a great weekend y'all, the weathers supposed to get better tomorrow (sunny and 10), hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy it.


A.J. & Crash

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tim Hortons Cup Debacle

From Quebec...

An 11 year old girl spots a Tim Hortons cup in the garbage can at her school and fishes it out to Roll Up The Rim to see if the cup was a winner. She couldn't get the rim rolled up, so she calls a friend over who helps her. Turns out the cup was a winner - of a $29,000 Toyota RAV 4. Very cool. At least until the parents got involved.

The father of the girl who originally found the cup said he would sell the vehicle and give part of the proceeds to the family of the second girl who helped his daughter with the cup. The parents of the second girl say they want at least 50% from the sale of the vehicle for their daughters help. Dad of the first girl says screw you, now you ain't getting anything.

Put yourself in both families shoes - what would you do and what do you think of the situation?
Let the debate commence......

A.J. & Crash

Pregnant...need help

Stacey is a good friend of ours who calls us all the time to pass along traffic tips and to yell at us when we’re being stupid (which we love her for). She and her husband Rich are going to be having their first child any second now. The problem – they were supposed to have their baby almost a week ago. Stacey is now 6 days overdue and is ready to – as she puts it – “go in and pull this kid out myself”. Not being doctors, we’re not sure as to the safety behind such a technique, but we’re guessing it’s probably not the best method for either Mom or baby. So if anyone knows of any tips they could pass along for speeding up the whole baby delivery process, Stacey would greatly appreciate whatever feedback you may have to offer. And she says she’s willing to try pretty much anything at this point, legitimate or old wives tales, so bring it all on.

In the meantime, for the dudes and non baby types, enjoy some quality 80’s hair metal ballad action. Quite simply, it does not get any better than this….

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


That's the trailer for "V For Vendetta" - our latest JACK movie premiere coming up a week tonight at Silvercity Victoria - we've got passes for you to win on the show every morning for the rest of the week. Mmmmm...yummy Natalie Portman..... ;)

And in the meantime, it's another Free For All Wednesday here on the blog. This is the day every week where we leave the topics of discussion up to you - whatever you wanna talk about, it's open season. Silly or serious, have at 'er.

And if absolutely nothing is coming to your mind, here's a thought starter for you: Today is International Women's Day - say something nice about a woman (or women) that you know. We'd like to take a moment to thank all the ladies that visit this blog - many a time you have been the reasoned voice when us boys get a bit too fired up here. Thank you for that. And we'll also thank our Moms - two very amazing women for not only raising us, but for tolerating us and still admitting in public that they are related to us. Saints they are and nothing less.


A.J. & Crash

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It Ain't Easy Being a Pimp

Okay, now we may come off sounding like our Dads on this one, but can someone PLEASE explain how in the hell that piece of crap rap song “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp” won the Oscar for Best Song of the Year on Sunday??!!

Here’s the chorus from the song:

You know it's hard out here for a pimp
When he tryin to get this money for the rent
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent
Because a whole lot of b*tches talkin’ s**t
Will have a whole lot of b*tches talkin s**t

Shakespeare weeps.

If you’re a parent, do you let your kids listen to this so-called “gangsta rap” (or if you were a parent, would you?) Is this music an accurate reflection of what’s really going on in “the hood” or is it just a clichĂ© ridden, marketing driven gimmick designed moreso to appeal to middle class white kids from the suburbs? Hey kid, quick newsflash – you can listen to all the rap music you want, you’re still from Saanich and you wouldn’t last 9 seconds in Compton or Harlem. Now turn that crap off and go put on some damn pants that fit, you look like an idiot.

Wow…we really are turning into our Fathers….

A.J. & Crash

Monday, March 06, 2006

Gut Check Time

Soldier Playing Pipes in Afghanistan

This has been one helluva week for our troops over in Afghanistan. Lt. Trevor Greene is a Canadian soldier from Vancouver who is serving over there right now. While meeting with tribal elders in one village on Saturday morning, he was attacked by a man who struck him on the back of the neck with an axe. Greene's now been flown to Germany where he is reported to be in serious but stable condition.

Meantime, the bodies of Cpl. Paul David and Cpl. Tim Wilson were flown home to Canada this weekend. Both men died as a result of injuries suffered when their armoured vehicle rolled over this past Thursday. Add into that the 5 Canadian soldiers who were injured on Friday when their armoured vehicle was attacked by a suicide bomber and some people are asking the question: Should we even be over in Afghanistan right now?

We’re not there under the umbrella of the U.N. in a peace-keeping role - what happens if more Canadian soldiers start coming home in caskets? Or do we look at these deaths and attacks as part of the “war on terror” that we have no choice BUT to fight? NDP leader Jack Layton says the matter should be discussed in the House of Commons, but the Tories are saying the issue of Canada's involvement in Afghanistan is not up for debate. Should it be?

It’s Monday and we’re starting the week a little heavy – weigh in with your thoughts if you feel the urge.

A.J. & Crash

Friday, March 03, 2006

And the Award goes to....Pot

Couple of things on the tube Sunday night that'll be competing for your attention...

First up, the Academy Awards which begin with the red carpet ceremony at 4 o'clock. Anybody watching any of it or does it just not interest you in the least? Of the Best Picture nominations,(Brokeback Mountain, Crash, Good Night and Good Luck, Munich and Capote), which ones have you seen and which of those would you actually recommend? (a complete list of all the nominees in all categories can be found here if you wanna check 'em out)

Now, the other thing on t.v. Sunday night is going to be a segment on 60 Minutes (channel 21 @ 7 o'clock) featuring an interview with well known B.C. pot activist Marc Emery. Of all the people who would like to see weed legalized in this country, he's probably the most well known. He's the head of the B.C. Marijuana Party and he faces extradition to the U.S. following an 18 month investigation by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) down in the States. Up here in Canadaland, he's been arrested 21 times and has mostly gotten away with fines and slaps on the wrist. But if he is extradited down to the U.S., he's looking at some serious charges and some serious hard time. Let's smash open Pandora's Box and ask the following two questions...

1) Should we send him down to the U.S.A. to face the music?

2) Have we reached the point in this country where it's time to legalize pot or at least de-criminalize it? (de-criminalize means that possesion of small amounts of the stuff wouldn't net you a criminal record that would follow you for life.)

What say we grab some munchies and spark up the debate today?

A.J. & Crash

p.s. - Today is your last day to qualify for JACK's Anywhere in the World contest - grand prize draw is Monday morning. Qualifying times are: 740a, 820a, 1020a, 220p and 420p. Good luck!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shoot a Cop, Score Points

Saw this on the news last night – a group representing cops in Canada and the U.S. is mounting an effort to try and get a recently released video game called “25 to Life” banned. Reason why? Cause in the game, you can choose your character, including that of a crook who scores points by killing cops. Needless to say, police are less than amused at the idea.

Retailers who sell the game, not surprisingly, argue against any kind of ban, pointing out that the game is rated Mature, so no one under 17 should be able to get their hands on it. “Should” being the operative term here.

Once again, the question rears it’s ugly head: Does playing a violent video game make you more likely to act out in a violent manner or is there more to it than that? And, do stories like this in the news serve as anything more than a giant free ad for the makers of the game? And has anybody here ever played any of the free classic 80’s games in the JACK Retro Arcade lately? Crash is still the reigning Moon Patrol King for the past year (98,900). Check it out if you wanna kill off a bit of time (not to mention some valuable brain cells)


The Boys

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hey! It's still FFAW, scroll down a bit if you want to pipe off about something. We just came across the most amazing story, and had to throw it up there.

One of the great things about sports is that sometimes a story developes that is truly stranger than fiction. That happened recently in upstate New York, with an autistic high school senior named Jason McElwane. His one dream was to actually play in a game for his school basketball team, for which he'd been an "assistant" the last two years. In the teams final game, with four minutes left, the coash pointed at Jason. He got in the game. What happened next, Hollywood couldn't possibly conceive of.

It's simply not possible to watch this video, and NOT tear up. Simply amazing.

A.J. & Crash

F.F.A.W. and Podcasting 101

Dunno if you’ve seen it on our morning show page yet ( but we’re now “podcasting”. That’s where we upload the best moments from the show everyday to our website and you can download them and listen back in case you might have missed anything good. Not very likely we realize, but stranger things have happened. In order to listen to the podcasts, you’ll need to download the free Ipodder software that’s available on our website and then you don’t ever have to do anything after that, it’ll all be set up for you. Grab some popcorn, click the video above and we’ll walk you thru the whole process step by step.

In the meantime, it’s another Free For All Wednesday and you know what that means – time to kick the tires and light the fires on whatever subject you want. Politics? Religion? Love? Something in the news? Something in your life? Your favourite Dukes of Hazzard episode? It’s all good to go, just click that comment button and give ‘er….

A.J. & Crash